Side by Side Apps on New Ultrabook

The advantage of the Toshiba Satellite U840W is that, at 14.4 inches, and a 21:9 inch display – designed to show widescreen movies – it is ideal to run two applications side by side, such as two spreadsheets, shown in this image from PCMag, or two browser windows, or a word document and a browser window, for taking notes. There is nothing I like better, than a device with an app to make split screen viewing simple. How often do you do just one thing at a time online? Seldom.

Another feature which may prove practical is the wide keyboard. If the screen is wide, the keyboard is substantial. It looks like a stretch for the fingers to reach the keyboard, as the trackpad uses alot of geography, but the review by Nicole Scott from NetbookNews highlights the quality feel of the Toshiba keyboard. This is one of the first Intel Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks to be showcased.

Last, but not least, the limit in height will be convenient in air travel, when the occupant in the seat in front of you reclines his seat. No problem.

Also, it really is an ultrabook, not a hybrid. The screen isn’t, “touch screen.” Fine with me, I am not using the touch screen. The trackpad is touch screen. It works well, I’m sure. :)

Ref: My Favorite Computex PCs by Michael J. Miller

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