LG Enters Cloud Fray

Upload your photos, videos, and music files to LG servers and enjoy anytime, anywhere, on any “smart” device, including: Smart TV, mobile phone, or PC! To start, LG will supply 5GB free storage space per member. The LG Cloud will work with PC and with Android devices right now; no plans for iOS. To upload a video to LG Cloud, download the mobile App., website or PC client. LG Cloud recognizes the extensions and stores video files into the video folder. Likewise, it recognizes music and image extensions. You can upload 2GB at a time. The max number of files to download is limited to 2. After the 2nd file is downloaded, you can download a 3rd. And so on. The FAQ offers the answer to the following question: What types of files can I use in LG Cloud service?
You may use a variety of file types(extensions) as follows in LG Cloud service.
- Video : 29 extensions including ASF, AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV and MKV
- Music : 35 extensions including FLAC, MID, MP4, OGG, WMA, RM and WAV
- Photo : 33 extensions including GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP and PSD
- Document : 60 extensions including DOC, PPT, XLS, TXT, HTML and PSD
However, it assumes that your TV set or mobile phone supports the above file extensions.

Another good question is: What’s RTS(real time transcoding)?
RTS(Real-time Transcoding) service refers to the technology that converts and transfers the type(extension) and quality of a file to the optimal type and quality to each replaying device so that a user may enjoy the multimedia files stored in LG Cloud using any kind of devices including TV, mobile phone or PC. In addition, a converted streaming file may be stored as it is.

So, this marks a new era, where LG Cloud will toss its hat into the Cloud services fray, occupied by the likes of iCloud.

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