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Hi, and welcome to i Multiscreen. What kind of a name is “I Multiscreen?” you might wonder. Screen is a verb. Familiar in Hollywood parlance is the expression, “I screen a movie,” or, “I screened the show on my desktop.” “I Multiscreen means: I screen content on more than one screen, I screen content on multiple screens! I view two or more feeds on one screen, I play games using wireless mirroring, where the iPhone becomes a control device for a game played on television, where the games is mirrored from the phone to the tv, or vice versa.

The 20th century was the era of the single screen. The 21st century and beyond will come to be known as when multiscreen became ubiquitous, whether viewing separate content on a split screen, or a dual screen device, such as a dual screen phone, or setting up more than one monitor controled using one desktop, where the mouse can traverse all the monitors, and content can be spread across screens.

Then there is wireless mirroring and nfc beaming, all inclusive under the term, “multiscreen. On a single screen, content spread across a website in a busy manner does not qualify as dual or multi screen. On a desktop, laptop, or tablet, separate functions in a split screen enabled by multi screen software creates a multi screen, or a separely ticker window on the bottom for navigation, narrow as it is, turns the device into a dual screen.

That said, television manufacturers are equipping their smart tvs to supply web content, such as social media, from the same screen which delivers standard broadcast tv, or subscription tv, in a manner that allows the user to access content from two different streams from within the same control device, or remote, on the familiar television screen. That is a multiscreen application of sorts, and will be covered here.

We’re in the seduction phase. Lots of nice free content, and play games and download apps for free. “ESPN and the NCAA announce a multiyear agreement through 2023-24 for worldwide, multi-media rights to 24 NCAA championships and exclusive multi-media rights outside the United States, its territories and Bermuda for the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship.”

Now I can follow Women’s basketball, without ever having to leave my desktop! So far, the feed hangs up a bit.

Great article, graphics, recap of the Nielson results! Especially sports news is recommending dual and multi-screen as technological innovation make free feeds available.

It’s a fun moment for us consumers, as broadcasters try to seduce us with free content and apps. It marks a window to take advantage of free streaming live sports and play games on line, free!

WatchESPN.com recently announced partnerships with NCAA to live stream its games – that will be fun! And Austrian firm UNAS Media Productions will produce high-quality live streams of the Australian Open tennis tournament. Lots to look forward to!

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