Side by Side Apps on New Ultrabook

The advantage of the Toshiba Satellite U840W is that, at 14.4 inches, and a 21:9 inch display – designed to show widescreen movies – it is ideal to run two applications side by side, such as two spreadsheets, shown in this image from PCMag, or two browser windows, or a word document and a browser window, for taking notes. There is nothing I like better, than a device with an app to make split screen viewing simple. How often do you do just one thing at a time online? Seldom.

Another feature which may prove practical is the wide keyboard. If the screen is wide, the keyboard is substantial. It looks like a stretch for the fingers to reach the keyboard, as the trackpad uses alot of geography, but the review by Nicole Scott from NetbookNews highlights the quality feel of the Toshiba keyboard. This is one of the first Intel Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks to be showcased.

Last, but not least, the limit in height will be convenient in air travel, when the occupant in the seat in front of you reclines his seat. No problem.

Also, it really is an ultrabook, not a hybrid. The screen isn’t, “touch screen.” Fine with me, I am not using the touch screen. The trackpad is touch screen. It works well, I’m sure. :)

Ref: My Favorite Computex PCs by Michael J. Miller

minipcpro Youtube Channel

LG Enters Cloud Fray

Upload your photos, videos, and music files to LG servers and enjoy anytime, anywhere, on any “smart” device, including: Smart TV, mobile phone, or PC! To start, LG will supply 5GB free storage space per member. The LG Cloud will work with PC and with Android devices right now; no plans for iOS. To upload a video to LG Cloud, download the mobile App., website or PC client. LG Cloud recognizes the extensions and stores video files into the video folder. Likewise, it recognizes music and image extensions. You can upload 2GB at a time. The max number of files to download is limited to 2. After the 2nd file is downloaded, you can download a 3rd. And so on. The FAQ offers the answer to the following question: What types of files can I use in LG Cloud service?
You may use a variety of file types(extensions) as follows in LG Cloud service.
- Video : 29 extensions including ASF, AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV and MKV
- Music : 35 extensions including FLAC, MID, MP4, OGG, WMA, RM and WAV
- Photo : 33 extensions including GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP and PSD
- Document : 60 extensions including DOC, PPT, XLS, TXT, HTML and PSD
However, it assumes that your TV set or mobile phone supports the above file extensions.

Another good question is: What’s RTS(real time transcoding)?
RTS(Real-time Transcoding) service refers to the technology that converts and transfers the type(extension) and quality of a file to the optimal type and quality to each replaying device so that a user may enjoy the multimedia files stored in LG Cloud using any kind of devices including TV, mobile phone or PC. In addition, a converted streaming file may be stored as it is.

So, this marks a new era, where LG Cloud will toss its hat into the Cloud services fray, occupied by the likes of iCloud.

Live Sports

Kind of cool. I have my choice of 8 live streaming sports events to watch
on my desktop this Friday evening, while I am puttering around online. I decided on the Sony Ericcson ATP Tennis semi-finals being broadcast live from Miami. Right now, Juan Monaco is holding his own against Novak Djokovic.

Djokovic a little off his game. Whoa! Monaco is hot! A tie-breaker is being played in the 2nd set . . . It’s a fun and exciting game as I compose this article. I checked the stations on my satellite provider, and the game is not viewable on tv.

You can enjoy free live sports streamed to your PC, if you are a customer of one of the ISPs listed here: ISPs Who Stream LIve Sports Via ESPN3

The ESPN3 player broadcast the Australian Open this past January 2012, and now it is broadcasting college sports, including basketball, baseball, and women’s basketball and lacrosse, besides NBA basketball, ATP Tennis, and NHRA. Here is a sample schedule for this evening, on Friday, March 30th, 2012:

6:00 PM NCAA Baseball – Virginia Tech vs. #4 Florida State (Exclusive)
6:30 PM NCAA Baseball – Virginia vs. #22 North Carolina State (Exclusive)
6:30 PM NCAA Baseball – #8 Miami (FL) vs. Clemson (Exclusive)
7:00 PM ATP – Novak Djokovic vs. Juan Monaco (Men’s Semifinal #2)
7:00 PM NCAA Women’s Lacrosse – #8 Duke vs. #3 North Carolina (Exclusive)
7:30 PM NHRA – NHRA Nationals Qualifying
8:00 PM NCAA Baseball – #3 Arkansas vs. #14 LSU
8:00 PM NBA – Dallas Mavericks vs. Orlando Magic

It’s neat to be able to watch men’s tennis streaming live from Miami. The stream is a little choppy, but the audio is sharp, and you can listen in radio-style while you work in a different browser window.

Here is the link:

Split Screen for iPad

Browse 2 windows with Split Screen iPad app!

There is an app named, “Split Screen,” by Fifth Column Code. It has been around going on a couple years. It is for the iPad. It can’t be much older than a couple years, because the iPad has been around only since April of 2010. This is March of 2012.

“Ever since we first saw the iPad we wanted to chat with friends while browsing the web.

“So we wrote Split Screen.”
- the developers of Split Screen, FifthColumnCode.

Panasonic App Viera 2.0

Use your Phone as a Remote. Enjoy!
0:00 We have here the new Panasonic Viera App version 2.0, which will be released in the Spring of 2012. Some of the new functionality on this app allows me to go into the media section of my phone and view the video, music, and images that I have been recording through this particular device. And for them to look at video, and choose to play any of those videos recorded, I highlight the video. This is a one-to-one experience: it’s small screen. Only I can really enjoy it. But this year, with the new applications, I can touch that video and I can then flip that image up onto the Panasonic Viera screen and enjoy the video to a wider audience!

0:49 I can then adjust the volume, or I can pause, fast-forward, and rewind that video . . . flip it. It is a nice application for this year!

1:02 I can also go back to my media list, and highlight. Lots of people use mobile devices for the still image. Again, I can share this with a wider audience by touching the screen, and flipping upwards!

1:18 The still image will appear on the screen. Of course, I have the slide-show function, where I can go through all the still images in this device. I can pause, fast-forward, and I also have some audio playing in the background.

1:38 One other feature this year is that we can enjoy the large screen television image on our mobile device! This is an Android-based platform. So I will go to the Viera viewer, and I can then enjoy the video – the picture – from the large screen Viera displayed on my mobile device. When it is displayed [points to mobile phone], then I can change the channel up and down, increase the volume, etc. This will also play images from the hard desk drive – if you have it attached to the television – the SD card, or the usb stick, on certain models of the Viera television.

2:23 You can also, if you leave the room, turn off the screen on your large screen Viera, and still continue to enjoy the video [unintelligible - "image" (?)]. When you come back to your large screen Viera, you can reactivate the screen, and we can come out of that particular application.

2:46 We also have the normal TV Remote functionality, where you can change the particular channel on your Viera television, or increase the volume. All your traditional remote control functionality is available on this application!

3:11 We can see here the Viera app on my iPad, where I can change the channel or increase the volume on it. But, if I choose to browse on my iPad or on my iPhone, then rather than doing it on this device – AGAIN – I can flip this image up on to the screen of my 2012 Viera, then enjoy surfing on a large screen environment! I can then use the iPad as a mousepad, then enjoy the surfing experience!

3:41 Another good feature this year is I can also bring the image DOWN from the television to the iPad, so that everything that can be seen previously on the television, and also all the internet server, can be brought DOWN directly to the ipad to enjoy!

i multiscreen

Hi, and welcome to i Multiscreen. What kind of a name is “I Multiscreen?” you might wonder. Screen is a verb. Familiar in Hollywood parlance is the expression, “I screen a movie,” or, “I screened the show on my desktop.” “I Multiscreen means: I screen content on more than one screen, I screen content on multiple screens! I view two or more feeds on one screen, I play games using wireless mirroring, where the iPhone becomes a control device for a game played on television, where the games is mirrored from the phone to the tv, or vice versa.

The 20th century was the era of the single screen. The 21st century and beyond will come to be known as when multiscreen became ubiquitous, whether viewing separate content on a split screen, or a dual screen device, such as a dual screen phone, or setting up more than one monitor controled using one desktop, where the mouse can traverse all the monitors, and content can be spread across screens.

Then there is wireless mirroring and nfc beaming, all inclusive under the term, “multiscreen. On a single screen, content spread across a website in a busy manner does not qualify as dual or multi screen. On a desktop, laptop, or tablet, separate functions in a split screen enabled by multi screen software creates a multi screen, or a separely ticker window on the bottom for navigation, narrow as it is, turns the device into a dual screen.

That said, television manufacturers are equipping their smart tvs to supply web content, such as social media, from the same screen which delivers standard broadcast tv, or subscription tv, in a manner that allows the user to access content from two different streams from within the same control device, or remote, on the familiar television screen. That is a multiscreen application of sorts, and will be covered here.

We’re in the seduction phase. Lots of nice free content, and play games and download apps for free. “ESPN and the NCAA announce a multiyear agreement through 2023-24 for worldwide, multi-media rights to 24 NCAA championships and exclusive multi-media rights outside the United States, its territories and Bermuda for the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship.”

Now I can follow Women’s basketball, without ever having to leave my desktop! So far, the feed hangs up a bit.

Great article, graphics, recap of the Nielson results! Especially sports news is recommending dual and multi-screen as technological innovation make free feeds available.

It’s a fun moment for us consumers, as broadcasters try to seduce us with free content and apps. It marks a window to take advantage of free streaming live sports and play games on line, free! recently announced partnerships with NCAA to live stream its games – that will be fun! And Austrian firm UNAS Media Productions will produce high-quality live streams of the Australian Open tennis tournament. Lots to look forward to!

GameTree TV

Game Tree TV is billed directly by the cable provider. Decide which pricing model for an unparalleled selection of games you can pay through your tv, such as:
Pet Show Craze
Pet Show Craze

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